Top 7 Indian Film Actresses Who Changed Their Religion For Love


Top 7 Indian Film actresses Who Changed Their Religion For Love







Indian Film actresses








Indian film tradition of marriage between the actors in the industry in general but Bollywood however converted to the love of her many famous bollywood actresses minor is considered the sounds change their religion for love marriage have.

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Nagrgis Dutt:

Legend of the past and the bright star of the Indian film industry actress Nargis Dutt, who have need of a presentation. She said to her film of the year was the same age when she start her film career in which to explode in 55 films. Actress Nargis married fellow actor Sunil Dutt, who love each other, but both Hindu House actor both in film 1957 tale of love, while the “” mother India, “began during the shooting. The blaze on the set of the movie Nargis was surrounded by the four sons of Nargis, Sunil Dutt, who in the film plays the role of own life Nargis was snipers.

Hima Malini:

Bollywood dream Grill was married to fellow actor, she belonged to the Hindu House دھرمیندر embraced Islam. Legend actress malini and hyama, دھرمیندر of the past, “sita and Gita ‘ ‘, ‘ ‘ flame ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ dream girl ‘ love for each other and work together in the films ‘ were arrested, but that both actors had Hindu religion marriage barrier. دھرمیندرنے hyama malini had single and married before marriage from the Hindu religion  were not allowed to marry a second wife who converted to Islam in the 1979 the two actors was marriage.

Sharmila Taigor:

Bollywood actress Sharmila  film has a respectable place in industry, she was proved starred in several successful films, aradna ‘,’ Kashmir Fortress’, ‘travel’, ‘Amar Prem’ there are a number of films, including narrative ‘,’ spot ‘. Sharmila Tagore was born in a Hindu family were arrested but love Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, who converted to Islam after he married them both. Sharmila Tagore kept the name when they withdraw themselves from films after marriage.

Amrita Singh:

Bollywood actress Amrita Singh, eager started her career in film in 1983 by, and which proved starred in several successful films’ Sunny ‘,’ mrd”aur ‘sir’ included .Amrita Singh belonged to a Sikh family, but Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan converted to Islam before marrying the two actors separated in 2004 after 13 years.

Ayesha Takhya:

Bollywood actress Ayesha takhya the film was released the film career began in 2004, tarzn”sy Husayn’s artistic career is short but uantd them to release the film in the famous 2009 ‘. Actress Ayesha was concerned takyh Hindu family, but before he married his close friend Farhan Azmi Islam.

Mamata Kulkarni:

Bollywood actress Mamata’s Kulkarni successful actress of the 90s they have their careers released film lover auarh”sy began his film career in 1993 ‘ Our ‘and’ Karan Arjun several films, including ”. Actress Mamta film career been the victim of various conflicts, he said goodbye to the film world in 2002. drugs before they got married Swami settled in  embraced Islam.

Indian Film actresses Nagma:

Bollywood song, however, her film career started in 1990 released film ‘Baghi” she proved also starred in films in regional languages and won many awards in her name. She belonged to the Hindu actress Song dynasty, which had taken krhsh actively in social work from the beginning he has not abandoned the Hindu adopted Christianity. Indian Film actresses Indian Film actresses Indian Film actresses

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