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PTV News (formerly PTV World) is a 24-hour state news channel in Pakistan. It provides news in English and Urdu to the Pakistani community worldwide. It also provides News in Arabic, Sindhi, Pashto, Kashmiri,and various other regional languages.

Pakistan went into Television Broadcasting age with a little pilot TV Station built up at Lahore from where transmission was initially shot in Black and White with impact from 26 November 1964. TV focuses were built up in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974.

While presenting the refined branch of the electronic media in the nation, the wide point of view remembered was to illuminate and instruct the general population through wholesome excitement and to teach in them a more noteworthy consciousness of their own history, legacy, current issues and improvement and in addition information of the world on the loose.

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