The Most Ignorant Nation on face of Earth – According to Index of Ignorance 2016


As the year 2016 is about conclude it is leaving an appreciation for the world’s largest democracy India, that it is the world’s most ignorant nation on the planet, according to Index of Ignorance 2016.

India larboard every nation abaft in ignorance, while the nation ranked the additional apprenticed nation endure year 2015. Formerly, Brazil was at the top of the account but it is outranked by India.

The baronial is aftereffect of Ipsos Perils of Perception of Survery or alleged “Index of Ignorance” which “highlights how amiss the accessible beyond 40 countries are about key all-around issues and appearance of the citizenry in their country.”

The after-effects of analysis is as follows;

Rank Country

1 India

2 China

3 Taiwan

4 South Africa

5 US

6 Brazil

7 Thailand

8 Singapore

9 Turkey

10 Indonesia

The good news is that Pakistan is not in the list, which is a sign that Pakistan is a nation who has common sense in common and can make its way in the developed countries if the human resources used wisely.

To amount out the accompaniment of the world’s abundant apprenticed nation, Ipsos MORI, a British based bazaar analysis firm, conducted interviews of 27,250 humans amid September and November this year.

“Across all 40 countries in the study, anniversary citizenry gets a lot wrong. We are generally a lot of incorrect on factors that are broadly discussed in the media, such as the admeasurement of our citizenry that are Muslims and abundance inequality,” said managing administrator of the Ipsos MORI Social Analysis Institute, Bobby Duffy.

“We know from previous studies that this is partly because we over-estimate what we worry about.”


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